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Worldwide Canadian Workforce believes in long term solutions. At WWCW, we help you find highly skilled professional candidates and help them contribute their part in your company's long-term vision. Most companies opt for this solution when they are looking to fill specific positions. As a permanent staffing solution agency, we provide our clients with the best fit for their next dream candidate.

Benefits include:

Job guarantee for the candidate

Full insurance or subsidized insurance from the company

Comprehensive benefits

Paid time off or vacation time

Full-time hours provided


At WWCW we also help our clients with temporary staffing solutions. Temporary staffing is employing labourers for a predefined length or on an undertaking – premise instead of enlisting them permanently. Under this solution, we will be providing the employee with payroll services. The employee has a potential to get hired by the employer under this scenario.

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility in time

  • Higher compensation than minimum wage

  • May be eligible for bonuses 

  • Possible tolerance of working in the same location

  • Open to more opportunities such as freelancer etc.


In this program, we help our employers choose from a large pool of highly qualified and experienced foreign workers who are loyal and committed to long term employment. WWCW facilitates this service across Canada in every province and territories. 

WWCW will also take full responsibility in managing the following services for the employee

  • Contract management

  • Foreign national recruitment

  • Candidate verification

  • Conducting interviews

  • Recruitment process

  • Employment & immigration formalities

  • Travel & accommodation management

  • First-day introduction & orientation services


The WWCW Guarantee program is a comprehensive workforce solution that focuses on the guarantee of the employee and the employer. Employees are hired for the organization with a minimum period guarantee, which offers employers to hire a replacement free of cost.


Knowing the background of the employees that are going to work in an organization is significant. We at WWCW scan the history of employees and cross-check their claims. Through our pre-employment screening service, we ensure that employers find the correct employee with a clean background report.

Furthermore, the screening cycle helps employer understand essential data about a candidate's past work history, which can help an organization evaluate potential candidates who are most capable of working in the competitive business environment.

This service include:

  • Reference check.

  • Pre-employment tests (Personality, software, language, etc.)

  • Validation of driver’s license

  • Academic background check

  • Criminal check

  • Social media search


As a reputed end-to-end agency, WWCW offers payroll services for employers to minimize the workload and ease the administrative costs by providing payroll services to our employees. This results in less operational costs and more efficiency in the organization, while maintaining superior relations with the employee. 

Some other benefits include:

  • Less time consuming

  • Helps in reduction of costs

  • Avoids any official mistakes

  • Peace of mind

  • Enhanced security


Having a balanced workforce is crucial for every organization. The need for the workforce can change throughout the year according to the demand of the operations. We work directly with the companies' Human Resources department to help them make better decisions when it comes to their talent acquisition process. We also assess the current condition of your workforce and suggest best matches for your organization.
Contact our highly qualified team for more details.

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